Sicyoidochytrium minutum DNA virus (SmDNAV)


TEM of a novel virus (SmDNAV) infecting a heterotrophic protist Sicyoidochytrium minutum. (A) Negatively stained SmDNAV particles (scale bar = 200 nm); (B) thin section of a SmDNAV-infected cell at 24 h post inoculation (black arrowheads: intracellular virions; white arrowheads: extracellular virions).


Genome of Sicyoidochytrium minutum DNA virus (SmDNAV). (A) Nuclease treatment test. SmDNAV nucleic acids were untreated (Lane 1), treated with DNase I at 37°C (Lane 2), treated with RNase A at 37°C (Lane 3) and treated with S1 nuclease at 23°C (Lane 4).


Genome of Sicyoidochytrium minutum DNA virus (SmDNAV).  (B) Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of viral nucleic acids (Lane 2); molecular marker is shown in Lane 1.

Takao Y, Nagasaki K, Honda D (2007) Squashed ball-like dsDNA virus infecting a marine fungoid protist Sicyoidochytrium minutum (Thraustochytriaceae, Labyrinthulomycetes).  Aquat Microb Ecol  49: 101-108  <PDF>